Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite becomes subscription only products

Published on May 6th, 2013 | by gadget_hunter


Adobe has officially announced the end of their Creative Suite software.  CS6 will be the last available standalone version of the Adobe Creative Suite and it’s standalone programs as the company will make it’s applications available only through the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.

adobe creative cloud

The company claims that customers “vastly prefer” the cloud-based subscription options over the stand-alone downloadable suites, and that they will cater not only to people who need the entire suite but also to those who need/prefer ala carte options.

On June 17th, subscribers of the Adobe Creative Cloud will receive updates on all their applications.  Even after the update, users will be able to run the programs offline, although there is a once a month need to verify your subscription with Adobe’s authentication servers..

While this move is in part due to the need to stem piracy for their products, Adobe’s subscription model is enticing to hobbyists and students who might need their software only for a set amount of time.

Pricing for the Creative Cloud subscription is $49.99 per month for the whole package and $19.99 per month (only till June, it hikes to $29.99 after said period) for individual applications. More info on the pricing page.

source The Verge, Adobe

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